I am currently a lead designer on the Atlassian creative team. Atlassian is a global collaboration software company with over 5,000 employees and $1.6 billion in revenue. Atlassian products are used by thousands of teams with the goal of a 100M MAU.

My time at Atlassian began in 2015 where I initially worked as a designer for the software teams {e.g., Jira software, Bitbucket, and agile microsites) and participated in the rebranding of the company.

I have since transitioned to a lead designer that works across platforms. My work across platforms include serving as the design point person for the vanguard initiative--the launch of premium product offering-- to my current work on the cloud migrations team. The cloud migration campaign is a prioritized company wide initiative aimed to transition customers from server to cloud product deployments. My role is to help facilitate this transition from server to cloud based software via the design of webpages, campaigns, product roadmap, illustrations, diagrams and videos.


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