Atlassian Cloud Migrations


The Atlassian Cloud Migration is a company initiative that began around 2.5 years ago. The project's focus is migrating customers using Atlassian products from self-hosted Servers to the Atlassian hosted Cloud. Although this may seem like a simple transition, it is incredibly complex due to security and the industry paradigm shift of Cloud hosting. This project began as the initial campaign to introduce migration as a newly viable option to our customers. At the time, the industry-standard used trucks, cargo, and more laborious visuals to represent migrating, so we wanted to veer away from that and towards a metaphor and language that encompasses having a destination in the Cloud and a delightful experience. To get at the metaphors of joy, delight, and ease, we used hot air balloons, planes, and postcards to signal more personal and enjoyable forms of travel.

As the migrations initiative further developed, the creative team produced a color palette specific to the campaign based on the initial metaphors of joy, delight, and ease. Over the last two years and since the initial launch, Atlassian has developed a more robust program and supported thousands of customers migrating to the Atlassian Cloud.

Responsible for

Creative Lead, Website creative, Illustration


Creative Direction: Leah Pincsak
Motion Designer: George Harbeson
Illustration: Vainia Wat