Atlassian Platform


I was the lead designer for the Atlassian Platform creative, a prioritized company campaign, and project. This campaign was the first time Atlassian was publicly marketing the company as an integrated platform to customers with the vision of embracing an open and extensible platform.

The Roof and Pillar campaign launch goals were to deliver a competitive message into the market that resonates with Atlassian customers with product solutions as proof.

The design goals for this project were to leverage the Atlassian brand and evolve it into something more human and approachable. It was essential to create a visual language that would be able to develop quarter over quarter.

I worked with designers, copywriters, developers, and cross-functional teams to pitch and develop the campaign's art direction, messaging, and visual components. I oversaw and led the execution of the implementation of the campaign creative.


︎︎︎Pitch deck

Responsible for

Creative concept, Landing page design


Creative Direction: Leah Pincsak
Copy: Melanie Duong
Designer: Megan Hart