Jira Teams Campaign


The Jira Teams Campaign was a digital and out-of-home awareness campaign that was customer focused and connected to tangible outcomes with a budget of $1.1 million. The design process started with internal interviews with our development teams to learn how they leveraged Jira and what makes the product unique. In this process, we discovered the effectiveness of Jira customizable workflows.

As the lead designer on the campaign, I developed the visual concepts that tied the specific benefits of Jira Software to the uniqueness of the companies (i.e. Dropbox, Twilio, Optimizely, Kiva, Walmart Labs, Pandora, and Donors Choose) we were working with. The design leveraged photos of the teams as well as individuals and weaved in Jira product elements to speak to the personalized workflow of each team.

Responsible for

Creative, OOH & Digital ads, Landing page creative, Social


Creative Direction: Leah Pincsak
Brand: Megha Narayan
Copy: Melanie Duong
Photoshoot: Kellie McCool & 
Production Company, Nest Artist